London is one of the most ethnically cosmopolitan cities in the world and there are approximately 300 different languages are spoken in the city. Since Italians live intensively in London, it is not difficult to find the cuisine of every nationality, as well as to find Italian Patisseries and food in London.

In Italy, which has great contributions to world cuisine, dough and sauces are predominantly used. Desserts are usually made up of light and aromatic flavors.

Tiramisu, Torrone, Amaretti, Cannoli, Cassata, Frittelle, Zabaglione, Babà are the most known Italian desserts.

Let’s take a look at some of the Italian patisseries you can find in London:

  • Marchesi 1824: is located in an elegant shopping street in the middle of Mayfair. This luxury Italian Pasticceria is owned by the Prada group it is adorable, sophisticated, and charming. You should try their signature “Aurora cake” which is pleasant enough, it’s a sponge cake with cream.

marchesi mayfair

  • Dolce London: is an online pâtisserie founded in 2017. Handmade Italian pastries & cakes, delivered at your door. Their ambition is “to bring the Italian traditional “dessert canapés” (pasticceria mignon) in London”. You can order many flavors from their online stores both for yourself and as gifts for your loved ones. You should browse through their Instagram pages for a visual feast of flavor.


  • Caffé Concerto: There are many Caffé Concerto in London. Not the cheapest but worth the price.  Decor and ambiance are designed to resemble a traditional Italian cafe. They offer a large variety of pastries, gelato, and coffee. After long walking, it’s very good if you are looking for a nice place to sit down, chat, have tea and dessert. If you have a limited time, have a pot of tea and scone and enjoy it.


  • Carluccio’s: is a white-walled chain Italian cafe-deli, with pastas, handmade focaccia and other Italian tastes. Their coffee is good and their pastries fresh in the morning. Also, especially the cakes for afternoon tea are lovely. They have a very clear gluten-free menu too.


  • Princi: is located in Soho. Go there and get transported to Italy. An excellent pizza joint in London with its huge pizza menu, the prices are reasonable and the pizza is great! Also, there is a good variety of desserts. The quality and variety of pastry on offer look good. Their Coffee, Sicilian Canoli, and Tiramisu are 10/10. But the best to visit there is during a non-rush time.


  • La Rocca: Located in North London, they have a wide selection of traditional desserts & cakes which are so fresh and delicious. You will be faced with friendly and attentive staff, good service, and amazing gelato at this Italian Patisseria.


  • Italo: is a little Italian deli and cafe located in Vauxhall. You can find fabulous food and drink in a lovely quiet surrounding. Must-tries are their sourdough baguette, pain au chocolat and homemade gelato. Enjoy this little secret gem in the heart of Vauxhall.


In London, little Italy’s boundaries have historically been recognized as Clerkenwell Road, Farringdon Road, and Rosebery Avenue. If you want to try other Italian delicacies, you need to visit these regions for a feast and explore the unique Italian Patisseries!

Bon appetit 🙂

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