Welcome to your new community!

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast, remote worker or a digital nomad, we’re here to share your experiences and help your words to reach more audience, especially the ones who have the same mission like us; looking for the local experiences wherever they go, exploring new and niche places, and of course, adapting to the new normal after C19.

Why We Should Meet and You Should Become a JB Author?

Because you know the desire of traveling to new places & meeting new cultures will never end for any of us! Our every journey encourages us to discover niche places as well as new tastes, which we will strongly want to share with someone else in the future.

Because you know that you will stop enjoying your lifelong journey if you won’t tell the stories and memories you had to someone else, someone who has a vision like you.

Because you’re discovering unique places and people have the right to learn these places from you; you own this experience, we should taste the same 😉 Think about this as a TV Show or a movie that you immediately recommend to your friends after you watch it. – I think we got you at this point 😉

So, long story short… We all know what you bring here and we certainly appreciate your interest in this community. Well, why not to grow this solid and inspiring JB community together?

Ways JB Authors Can Share Their Experiences at Just Boutique:

1. Publishing Listing Posts

You can list the local places such as coffee shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, co-working spaces, etc. you visit along with a short description and photos to be added to the page. You should provide the exact name of the place, website link, address, phone number (if applicable), and at least 3 high-resolution images (either yourself in the place or other shots without yourself)

The description format should be at least 300 words and should include your thoughts about the place. For example, you can mention details such as;

– The most likable features of the place

– Ambiance

– Conditions, benefits, (good Wi-Fi connection for remote workers, or discounts for a specific group of people, pet-friendly places, or gluten, vegetarian, vegan menus, and more.)

Here are a few examples from our listings:

Monmouth Coffee Company – Just Boutique Listing Page

Bairro do Avillez – Just Boutique Listing Page

Casa Mae Lagos – Just Boutique Listing Page

2. Publishing Blog Posts

Here is the part that you can be as creative as you want! Don’t limit your thoughts and ideas when it comes to blog writing for the JB Community. In fact, think about yourself as a traveler, remote worker or digital nomad; what would you like to see as content on JB Blog? What are your pain points while you’re traveling? What kind of blog posts do you read to get more information or inspiration about the place you go to?

We thought you may also like the idea of promoting the specific local places you own/know/contacted or experienced in a long-form blog post featuring the photos, their services, awards, promotions, campaigns, interviews with the place owners, etc. Please also feel free to send us such posts so that we can contribute to their success too. What is more, this would be a chance for you to make barter agreements using the listing on Just Boutique!

This is the part that you can show all your experiences and share all your tips with the JB readers. This is a volunteer community aiming to create a niche group that will be happy to exchange information, experiences, ideas, and opinions; eventually, broaden their horizons.

Please send us;

– At least 500 words content,

– At least 2 images with high resolution – well, feel free to add more images/videos/podcasts, you name it;)

You can have a look at the examples from our Blog.

3. Becoming a Contributor

You may be so busy to find time to write a whole post or you know – just not into writing long content. We got you!

We will have lots of curated blog posts listing the best niche and local places in specific cities and countries; tools & platforms; lifestyle-related subjects and so on.

So, if you only want to be a member just by contributing to these posts, you’re also welcome!

Choose the post you want to contribute to and send the details to us. (your contribution copy, other details about the resources if applicable, etc.)

About the Guest Author Profiles

JB Author & Content Guideline

For all types of content, please send us your Guest Author details, as the posts will be published under your name:

– Full name of the author
– Author Bio: 100-200 words
– Author social media links (Instagram, Linkedin, etc.)
– Author Profile Picture
** Contributors’ names will be shared as a contributor at the beginning of the articles.
Here is the example for an author page.

So, if you’re ready to start your new adventure, here is the email address for all your questions, requests and applications:

E-mail: [email protected]
Gmail: [email protected]