Technology is a huge blessing to digital nomads and remote workers. It has given many luxury to work from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you choose to work from your present location or on the go, you’re covered! It has given awesome platforms for remote-friendly work lives to make work easy and efficient.

Remote workers depend on remote work tools – which are technological resources to make all their work magic happen from any location. Here are our top tools and apps that affords you a fluid workflow as a remote worker!



First, all remote workers and digital nomads need the Internet to enable almost every other essential app they need. Finding an Internet connection that is stable and free is always needed wherever you travel, and that’s where Wi-Fi Map comes in to rescue you. It is like an app for free Wi-Fi as it can crowdsource over a 100 million free hotspots around the world!

Here’s a list of airports with an excellent Wi-Fi service according to download speed!



This comes in handy when you find yourself in a location where you don’t speak the native language. Interestingly, it has a camera feature that uses your smartphone to read text physically in front of you. You can also speak into your microphone, and the app will translate your words out in the language you’ve set it to. Awesome, right?


This is undoubtedly one of the most popular solutions for team communication due to its creative variety of collaboration-oriented features. It can even be further customized to fit your workflows as it can integrate quite a good number of apps – connecting many other tools and affording you an automated notification from other services. It’s a good workspace for you as it helps you organize excellently well, down to your mails!


It can be quite stressful trying to schedule a meeting with people who are not in the same place as you. Here, Calendly helps you stay organized. It helps you set your parameter in terms of the available time people can book meetings with you and its duration. Hence, your clients can choose their time from your timeframe, and interestingly, it automatically books the time on your calendar and theirs as well. Yes, it melts the time zone confusion easily.



With G Suite, you can say goodbye to your MS Office Suite and perhaps your extra cloud storage. Yes, G-Suite is vastly versatile and collaborative and can afford you storage facilities, document creation, sheets, and even slides. It is pretty much an invaluable resource for remote workers.


This tool helps you send pretty large files easily, especially if the nature of your work demands it, and what’s more, you can send multiple large files at once!



This is one powerful online meeting platform that efficiently helps you with screen-sharing, calendar sync, whiteboards, auto-recording, and in-meeting chats. Virtually many remote workers will find this tool extremely useful.


This tool keeps you focused! Discipline can be one of the hard parts of being a digital nomad and working remotely, as here, no one is tracking your time or watching your progress. Momentum is that excellent tool; a browser extension that creatively turns any new tab you open into a reminder of the important task to get done and the time left for you to do it. It can be very productive if employed well!


This tool can easily help you find a desirable place to work when traveling and working remotely as a digital nomad. It does this by crowdsourcing from other remote works and then derives recommended and suitable places with WiFi, several outlets, reduced noise levels, and so on. Hence, you get the best place!



This a vastly good project management and collaboration tool that can help you with content planning, product development, and managing several daily tasks, and what’s more, it’s easy to use!


This is an awesome cloud-based tool that extensively helps you in storing ideas securely. It can also record audio and attach images to the notes you make, making it so useful for you as a remote worker.



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That’s our top 12 tools, apps and platforms for working effectively while traveling as a remote worker or a digital nomad, as using them effectively will provide you several benefits. What are your life saving tools and apps for traveling and working remotely?

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