It’s clear that there is a huge monumental event taking place right before our eyes. If every little thing that happens affects our future in one way or the other, the same goes for this.

Only this time, the change is bigger; bigger than we could imagine! The coronavirus is now an exponential crisis that is going to change millions of lives. Our lives are going to change because in a crisis we as human beings come together and through adaptability, we evolve. Eventually, our behaviors are changing and we can’t wait for any industry to stay the same; stay profitable and successful considering the same dynamics and so on.

If I talk about myself. I’ve changed a lot.

The ups and downs that we went through during the pandemic process have shed light on many issues, and of course, these changes have reflected in my decision-making, planning and accepting processes about my life and activities. Here are a few of them:

Highlights from the financial point:

  • If I have to spend a big amount of money on a decision I made, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Because where the money goes is probably something I’ve been waiting for a long time and why not invest now?
  • I use my credit card less.
  • I buy fewer clothes and more walking shoes.
  • I almost don’t wear any makeup, so I don’t need any makeup products.
  • I canceled some of my subscriptions as I noticed that I don’t use them but still seeing the money taken from my bank account each month.

Highlights from my personal perspective:

  • When I have to make a choice, I analyze the issue faster and therefore I make faster decisions.
  • I care less about what other people say.
  • I see fewer friends; I spend more individual time. In fact, I enjoy spending time with myself very much.
  • When I was working from home, I couldn’t work very focused at first, but now I get more efficiency compared to my old office life because I can fit the remote working concept now. In fact, as long as I have my laptop I can work effectively in any environment. I can focus quickly and enjoy the moment at the same time.
  • One of the most important changes is; I question my decisions and wishes in a more simple way. This gives me the freedom for enjoying my life and taking care of myself in various ways.
  • I walk more; I unravel things while walking; meet the new me!
  • I see the details more often. I’m taking a closer look; I even get more creative in this way.
  • I also don’t hesitate to gain new experiences.

So, going back to the topic; Of course, these kinds of changes (or lifestyle updates shall we say?) do not exist only for me but also for other people who have been facing the Covid reality in the last year. Consequently, this situation is changing user and customer behavior in many industries too. Travel is one of them. Well, let’s say one of the most affected ones.

Here you can read more about the Impacts of Covid on the Travel & Tourism Industry?

So, why do we love traveling; what does it mean to us?

We had a quick exchange of ideas with my followers from my Instagram account 🙂 Here are some comments;

  • To breathe, to reset, to explore.
  • Desire to explore, get out of routine.
  • The slow pace of time when you are traveling and the feeling that you are living longer.
  • Learning by seeing, embodying our knowledge; to improve our world of mind, aesthetic values ​​, and perspective.
  • Discover; to see new places, learn, experience, get out of routine. To prepared for activities/days that are not in the routine flow.
  • To find the opportunity to get away from stress and renew ourselves, to broaden our horizons.
  • To be able to use the language we have learned appropriately, to change our perspective.
  • The longing for freedom and new things.
  • Learning while exploring.
  • To experience a purely mental activity. Even short breaks that you can get away from all the responsibilities in your living & city life allow you to relax spiritually for a long period.
  • To change the weather & environment that would eventually affect our moods and refresh our energy.

The common point is the desire to discover, develop, get out of routine and refresh ourselves; maybe the feeling of stopping the fast flow of life and stress for a while. While all these are our common points, there is no doubt that a C19 problem that hit our lives in 2019 could have negative effects on our psychological health unless we can travel. However, we are very close, the days that we can travel again are slowly on the horizon, and in fact, new trends are emerging with this. What is more, some trends that are not discovered in the past are finally starting to gain the attention they deserve.

When it comes to new travel trends, I have collected the trends that have been talked about a lot in these days and prepared a list of travel trends based on the researches of travel companies I found online:

  1. Isolation Holidays
  2. Bucket List Holidays (achieving dream-trip plans)
  3. Local life-oriented trips (discovering not touristy but more local choices)
  4. Country Escapes & Villa holidays
  5. Blue Voyage & Cruise Holidays
  6. Remote working holidays – (featuring digital nomads who prefer to stay longer when they arrive to the place)
  7. Sustainability oriented holidays
  8. Road Trips
  9. Bonus: JB Style Traveling

Here are some travel trends that are changing the way we go on holiday and not surprisingly meeting with our expectations from a well-deserved travel plan:

1. Isolation Holidays

Plenty of us will be dreaming of breaks in boats and boutique hotels, strolling on quiet coastal lakesides and stepping into rural locations but what if you didn’t have to worry about being around others and instead be in space social distancing to your heart’s content? Quarantine hideouts and isolation holidays are changing the travel industry through personal COVID-19 service. Apartments are offering food delivery, meals cooked for you and around-the-clock health monitoring. Masks and handwashing facilities will still be the main focus provided at your chosen isolated location.

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2. Bucket List Holidays (Dream-trip plans)

After being stuck inside the house during the lockdown, regular travelers who can afford to will be inspired to get out and about once restrictions ease. Another travel trend to note is those who plan bucket list holidays. This means that travelers will plan a longer stay abroad after having so much time to dream up a list of trips that they would never normally get around to planning. People within the industry are starting to notice how trips and recent bookings reflect this. Travel will be a necessity for its regenerative properties. Being able to get out and rejuvenate is vital for our mental health. In turn, this means that people will prefer holidays that are closer to nature.

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3. Local Life Oriented Trips

The travel industry has become recently localised and complicated. People will skip the tourist hotspots and instead choose something more off the grid. They look for more local areas. Faced with an array of every changing possibilities and travel restrictions, people are now choosing to stay closer to home for their holidays. The rise in more localized travel is a positive outlook for the environment.

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4. Country Escapes and Villa Holidays

Along with road trips, country escapes and villa holidays are another booming trend that is at the forefront of the evolving industry. Free movement around country side towns with big open spaces and reduced number of people are drawing in travelers and families. Villa holidays on the other hand offer both space and seclusion and rentals have rocketed in popularity this year. A home from home or self-catering unit suggests more people are moving away from the hotel industry into places where they can stay for prolonged periods of time, at their own risk.

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5. Blue Voyage & Cruise Holidays

With closed spaces packed full of passengers, the cruise industry has taken one of the worst hits in the travel industry. During the beginning of the pandemic, ships proved to be the breeding ground for the coronavirus. However, now the sectors are trying to promote cruise ships as the safest form of travel for the future, offering coronavirus tests, social distancing and hand sanitizer stations. This of course with fewer crew and guests promotes the idea that the vessels are a safe haven or ‘bubble’. Shorter trips to either localised or remote ports are driving the way forward for the tourism industry.

6. Remote working holidays

The pandemic has changed the way we think of our working lives. A growing number of travelers are now mixing pleasure and business thanks to the growing acceptability of remote working. Digital nomads are able to complete every aspect of their job from anywhere around the world. All they need is good internet and technology to help them do the job. The pandemic has given light to many companies doing the same for their colleagues. Work from home will become work from vacation as office space becomes fluid. In 2020, for many businesses and companies, lockdown showed us that we can work and function smoothly from home, without the four walls of our office. In fact, coworking spaces have introduced different offers and options in terms of memberships and daily use of the place as they also attract remote workers who may be visiting the city for a short period and so on. We’ve also discovered a few bootcamps allowing remote workers to retreat themselves by arranging all the working & relaxing holiday packages for them. (we will have another post about this, so stay tuned!)

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Here we have another example of remote working holiday ideas: Airbnb for Work. Airbnb for Work makes it easy to travel and collaborate with co-workers. The dashboard also has exclusive offers when you add a work email to your Airbnb profile. What is more, if you are an employee who manages your company’s travel, you can also sign up for Airbnb for Work for free.

7. Sustainability Oriented Holidays

One of the biggest benefits of the pandemic is how people are paying more attention to the environment and their own well-being. This new travel trend of sustainability will mean that with limited air travel and reduced emissions, people will turn to wilderness seeking as a travel option. Families wishing to break away from the four walls of their home are craving wide-open spaces and are longing for something different. Camping holidays are now increasing in interest for people looking to immerse themselves into the wild. People are even looking into conservation holidays as an option.

8. Road Trips

Road trips are also set to make a massive comeback as people will avoid crowded flights and trains. These environments also welcome more documentation and extra expenses which not everyone can live with. Traveling in your family bubble in road trips gives locals a chance to thrive in business. Domestic destinations will definitely take preference. However, as some countries still have border restrictions, overseas travel bubbles could be created.

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Bonus: JB Style Travelling

Of course, we, as the JB community, have our own style of traveling. We’re not only the digital nomads and remote workers. We’re also travel enthusiasts who are always ready to discover new places, local amenities, niche coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and stores. We’re not just traveling; we’re always pushing our limits to live the culture wherever we go; meet local people, talk to them, try to understand their culture, and exchange our ideas on any topic we can talk with them about. We also feature local businesses, introduce them to our readers, take the hidden feature/specialty of their products/services and make them visible as much as we can so that like-minded people can find them too. We love to experience what you experience, and share what we experience with you too! So, if you’re already feeling like us, you’re more than welcome and we’re more than happy to have you in our community! Say “hi” to us then we will discuss it all in a very friendly Zoom call 😉

With the travel industry suffering at the loss of passengers, how will our world evolve and shift in time in order to adapt to this pandemic? 2021 promises some interesting trends in the travel industry but the question remains, just how long will they last?


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