How the Post-Covid Period will Change Travel & Tourism Industry?

The travel industry has witnessed an unprecedented collapse due to COVID-19. Some industry sectors are expected to rebound quicker than others but uncertainties and risks remain high. The ‘staycation’ is making a comeback as heads of state are slowly lifting lockdown restrictions, allowing families to form bigger social bubbles once more.

With inside locations restricted, there is no question that sustainable nature-based travel will become ever more popular than before. Camping, trekking, swimming and outdoor adventure lifestyles will be more valued as a safe, seamless and authentic experience. With our world having such a strong connection with technology, our relationship with the online world will slowly sail our travel industry into recovery.

Once teeming with tourists, museums and other tourist attractions lie deserted. Now it is on the brink of collapse. Not only has the crisis caused millions of people to lose their jobs but the pandemic has spread into other industries, like aviation and hospitality and has caused huge negative effects on millions of companies. Shutting them down altogether.

Prior to the pandemic, the number of international tourists had been rising fairly steadily but in 2020 the levels dropped dramatically. According to UNWTO, international arrivals in both Europe and the Americas declined by 68%.

One of those affected, in the devastated travel sector, is the $150 billion cruise industry, which was expected to carry 32 million passengers in 2020 (Marchant, 2020).

Another sector that is struggling is air travel. Airline passenger revenue loss estimates now reach 314 billion U.S. dollars globally according to Statista. No one can say when or even if flying is going to recover, specifically for long-haul flights.

The virus looks set to be a feature in years to come, which means more documentation, like vaccination or COVID-19 certificates is vital at airports.

These, however, do not come without problems. The rate at which the world is being vaccinated varies, with poorer countries not being able to get the jab for several years, meaning that they could be effectively shut out of global travel.

Health and safety have become major factors in how we travel. Already, we are seeing game-changing trends emerge from this worldwide pandemic that ensures small groups of people are going on holiday but are still following under the government’s COVID-19 rules and regulations. 2019 may have been the turning point for the travel industry but from 2021, the industry will see the revival of travel like never before. Many people in the world are wondering when they will next be able to go on a foreign holiday and while the answer to that remains unclear, what’s more certain is that travel in the postmodern world will be different. So what will these post changes look like? And what does it mean for holidaymakers, business travelers, digital nomads, travel enthusiasts and those working in the industry?

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